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Terms and Conditions

Private Lessons 

Must be paid for unless 24 hours notice is given. Teachers wages and rent of the hall is still to be paid in the absence of the pupil. Classes are billed by the half term and must be paid in full. Classes must not be deducted from accounts (this includes holidays). Only in extenuating circumstances may they be deducted with the permission of the teacher(s). 

Any pupil for any reason leaving the school must inform one of the teachers in writing or in person and the account must be settled to the end of the half term. 

Child Protection/Safety 

Please note children under the age of 8 should not be left. The teachers cannot be held responsible for picking up/collection. In view of recent events it is even more imperative that children are not left unaccompanied. 

Click here for our policy regarding Child Protection and Issues Arising


There is a standard dancing school uniform, which must be adhered to by pupils. Hair should always be groomed. No hooped/dangling earrings or watches. Leotards must not be worn in an unsuitable manner. 

Mobile phones 

Phones must be kept safely in bags and on mute. NOT TO BE BROUGHT INTO CLASS.

 Lost Property 

Please ensure clothing/uniform is named. No responsibility can be taken for missing items.

 Notice Board 

Busy periods breed many notices. Please read the notice board thoroughly and carefully. Responsibility will not be taken for missed lessons/rehearsals. Closing dates of festivals must be adhered to and exam and festival fees must be paid promptly. 

External Dancing Schools 

Pupils are not permitted to attend other dancing schools, work undertaken by the teachers in the school cannot be used to credit other schools via the pupil. Should any parent have a valid reason for attending another school permission/discussion must be sought by the teachers. Choreographic/Dancing School work used outside the school may be used but only with permission from one of the teachers.  

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